Introducing The 3D Max Pro Wireless Headphones

We at CHAMPER invite you to experience wireless 3D Stereo Surround Sound powered by Bluetooth V5.0+EDR technology.

Stay powered up with our fast charging case with LED display to keep you going in today’s fast paced world!

Enjoy 10 hours of Play/Talk time at 80% volume level!

Stay connected with a Bluetooth connection range of up to 35 feet!

This is a photo of Champer 3D Max Pro Wireless Headphones, the best, most affordable bluetooth 5.0 headphones on the market today.

Dashingly exquisite!

CHAMPER earphones do far more than provide elite performance.

They are truly unique when it comes to elegance in style and are dashingly handsome to wear. 3D Max Pro headphones will make you stand apart from the sheep and be the GOAT that you are! 🐐

This is an image of Champer 3D Max Pro Wireless Headphones with their included battery charging case.
A photo of Champer 3D Max Pro Wireless Headphones in their charging case with LED power display.

Ultra fast charging!

CHAMPER headphones alone are worth the price of admission! But we couldn’t stop there!

Our ultra fast battery powered charging case with built in LED battery power status display stores your earphones and will completely charge them in approximately 45 minutes!

Completely charge the case in less than 2 hours; you can go weeks without charging it again! Need a quick charge? Drop them in for a 10 minute quick charge which provides approximately two additional hours! Case fits easily in your pocket and has smooth edges for your convenience.

For business and sport!

Champer has you covered whether you are a business professional, an elite athlete, a weekend warrior, or someone in between!

Lightweight and ergonomically designed to provide comfort for hours while securely staying in place. Multiple sets of earbud sizes included for a perfect fit. The 3D Max Pro headphones are water resistant/sweat proof and satisfy the most active and demanding of lifestyles!

Two Champer earphones from the 3D Max Pro Wireless Headphone set with charging case.
An image of Champer 3D Max Pro Wireless Headphones in their case.

Technology made simple.

Simple and fast Bluetooth connectivity.

Just turn them on and choose “CHAMPER” from your smart device’s Bluetooth menu choices & you are ready to go!

After initial pairing, they automatically power off when placed in charging case & power on and auto connect to your device when removed simultaneously.

Use both together for music and talk to enjoy 3D stereo sound or wear just 1 if you prefer.

Speak and listen with clarity while on phone calls. Either way, we have you covered since each individual headphone has its own dedicated microphone. Each headphone has a master control button to help you easily navigate command functions.

Lightning fast wireless connectivity, hands free Siri activation, and fingertip access to volume controls make life a little easier!

Champer is here for you!

Don’t be fooled by cheap imitations!

CHAMPER was established to offer you superior products that are constructed with winning, technologically sound components for CHAMPER satisfaction at a CHAMPER price.

Why pay double or triple the price for the big name brands when Champer has you covered? We at CHAMPER promise to always provide our supporters with unrivaled and unbeaten customer service!

Don’t be a CHUMP!



A closeup photo of a Champer earphone in the foreground with a Champer headphone box in the background.