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CHAMPER is honored to introduce you to some extraordinary individuals who are ready to set the world on fire! They embody the excellence, dedication, and humility that we embrace!

Alexis G.

This is a photo of Alexis G, a trendsetter for Champer Headphones.

Alexis G.

Alexis G. making art come to life once again while getting creative vibes from the sounds resonating from her Champer 3D Max Pro Headphones. This ultra talented young lady personifies excellence in make-up, dance, and whatever she sets her mind to! Follow her @prettyghoulmakeup!

Bboy Jaime

Bboy Jaime

We are pleased to welcome Jaime to Team Champer! Jaime is a bboy extraordinaire and performs with great passion and immense talent! Champer appreciates his dedication to his craft and the hours spent in vigorous training! Jaime enjoys using his 3D Max Pro headphones to hear crystal clear music in all areas of his craft! He loves giving back and shares his knowledge by teaching breaking and promoting the next wave of bboys and bgirls! Follow Jaime @bboyjaimejangelz

This is a photo of Jaime P, a trendsetter for Champer Headphones.

Champer the GOAT

GOAT: Greatest of All Time!

A true GOAT jumped at the opportunity to be a trendsetter for our team! We welcome him and all the goatness that he brings to the table. Champer loves goating on others while listening to his tunes with his 3D Max Pro headphones! Keep on goating young GOAT!

This is a photo of the GOAT, Champer's mascot.